Who We Are

Dear pet parents,

At MyKittyPup HQ, our animal instinct told us we needed to bring pet care into the 21st century. We see our humans using technology every day. It is all around us. But we don't see it being used very much to make our lives better. Our humans brag about us on their social media profiles - sometimes they laugh at Kitty's expense and hey who can blame them, there's lots to laugh about. But, here's the thing, while this makes us feel all "purry" and "waggy tailed" - thanks for all the "likes", "loves" and "LOLs", we love you guys, too - it doesn't address all our other furry needs.

So, we did some of our own sniff-sniffin' and investigatin', and it turns out you can get these pawsome tags that store all our important info like our human's contact details, our vet's info and our medical needs. All you need to do is scan the tags using your smartphones and you'll be helping us in the best way possible.

But the lil tag would be, well, just a lil tag without the pawsome MyKittyPup website. It's where you get to create profiles of your furry family members, and so much more. So, you must be wonderin' what all the fuss is about. Well, if we get lost, this website can help find us because you'll get to load all our important info here along with our happy, waggy-tailed snapshots. Our cute lil faces and the info about us can be shared across all the social media platforms. This makes it easy for us to be recognised, rescued and reunited with our beloved humans.

MyKittyPup is like a big helpful community of pet lovers just wantin' to look after their darlin' doggos and cutesy kitters. It's a pet hub where you humans can keep track of us and report us as lost and found. You even get to witness the waggy-tailed reunions of other people and their furbabies. This is our pet haven.

What makes this website even more worth barking about is how MyKittyPup is fast becoming pawtners with some pawsome pet brands to make this the best pet central to belong on. It's the purrfect one-stop pet shop to get every tail awagging. Keep your eye on this space for benefits that even Kitty won't stick her nose up to.

With licks, purrs, snuggles and waggety tails

Kitty and Pup (but mostly Pup because Kitty is lazily lounging somewhere)

Kitty & Pup Signature