5 Signs to get your pet to the vet

June 20 2018 By MyKittyPup

We love our pets. They are an important part of our lives. So, it goes without saying that when they start behaving strangely or look sick we get worried. They can't communicate with us and therefore aren't able to tell us if they feel ill. We hear things like if their noses are dry and hot they may be running a temperature. And, we know they some...

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5 Fundamental tips to keeping your pets healthy

May 12 2018 By MyKittyPup

Loving your pets and spending time with them is precisely what they need for their emotional wellbeing but sometimes while we are doting on our precious furbabies we tend to forget their health needs. Here are 5 things you must do to keep your pets healthy: Healthy dietWe require different nutrients to our cats and dogs. In fact, some foods that a...

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